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We specialise in complete renovations of ignitions, rewinding coils, dynamos and supplying spare parts. We can renew weak magnetos, fix and tune up broken plungers and other internal parts of ignition systems. While we maintain a permanent stock of common Lucas, Bosch and Splitdorf spares, some are harder to come by. For those we engage with our third party suppliers and would consider cooperation in this regard too. Please contact us for more details and options.

  • Small scale production of Splitdorf S and Splitdorf NS ignition, spare parts and renovations
  • Coil rewinding of any size and type
  • Complete renovation automobile and motorbike ignition systems and dynamos of various types and sizes




Focused approach delivers the best results.

We always strive to use old technology where possible, i.e. using old british coil rewinding machinery only supplied with contemporary wire. Coils are finished in vacuum and baked in modern oven with precision temperature control. The coil hearts/centers are cut from silicon steel sheet of specified strength on our eccentric press. Upon completion every product is thoroughly tested under load on Bosch control devices to ensure the highest quality. We do not outsource any part of the process and do everything in-house in the workshop in southern Czech republic. We are proud that our products find daily use in tens of motorcycles in Czech republic, Austria and Germany.

The Team


IT administrator by trade, everything oldtimer has been my hobby for a very long time. Keen on motorcycles renovation and giving second lease of life to anything from coffee machines to italian 70's cars. As I spend most of my daily hours in front of a pc screen, I am dealing with orders, communication and customer support. Please contact me with any enquiries below.


Experienced electrical engineer of 20 years, I have given up my job in ABB servicing high voltage machinery and resorted to my joy and pride of the Indian brand. Knowing how hard it is to source the spares I have gradually built up the network of like-minded contacts and collected several motorbikes along the way.

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